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Leaving Your Legacy of Justice

NCLR Planned Giving and the Friebe Legacy Circle

Give with the greatest impact, in the easiest way: include the National Center for Lesbian Rights in your estate plans. Estate gifts - including wills, trusts, retirement plans, and insurance policies - are a wonderful way to ensure that NCLR's fight for LGBT civil rights can be carried on into the future, long after you're gone. It's a way to make your mark, to ensure the legacy you leave is a legacy of justice.

If you have an estate plan, make sure to remember NCLR.

If you have not yet thought about what will happen after you're gone, we encourage you to do so, as spelling out your wishes will make a difficult and emotional time much easier for your friends and family. There are countless reasons why it is particularly important for LGBT people to create explicit estate plans.

Making these kinds of plans can be hard to think about, and thus many people miss this easy and visionary way to give and create a lasting legacy with NCLR.

It's easy to tell yourself...

Nearly everyone does financial or estate planning - you just don't realize it! When you fill out life insurance or 401(k) forms for your employer, you are required to choose a beneficiary and a contingent beneficiary. Naming NCLR as one of your beneficiaries can be one of the best and easiest ways to include NCLR in your plans. In fact, tax-deferred retirement plans may be heavily taxed if left to anyone other than a legally-recognized spouse (not a registered domestic partner). By naming NCLR as a beneficiary, substantial estate and income taxes can be avoided.

Sometimes planning for what will happen after our death can seem unreal, with little connection to today. Even though you may not feel like you have enough money, your estate will very likely have more than enough money to make a meaningful gift that will have a significant impact to NCLR. No matter how much you leave, you want to be sure it goes to the people and causes you care about. Otherwise, people not chosen by you will inherit your estate.

You should absolutely make sure your children are provided for once you're gone. But it is possible to take care of your kids and your favorite cause, too. Including NCLR in your plans does not mean your children will be forgotten or given short shrift. There are many ways to include both your children and the causes you care about in your estate plans. Because you love and care about your children, it's important that their inheritance include not just financial assets, but a better world and brighter future. 

if you have additional questions, or would like to discuss your gift with us, please call:

Dena Zaldúa-Hilkene
Assistant Director of Development


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