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7 Simple Ways That Anyone Can Support NCLR

Donations from individuals make up 75% of our budget and are the backbone of our organization. However, in addition to directly supporting our work financially, we always welcome any form of support that you may be able to provide. There are many different ways that you can help.

  1. Spread the word about NCLR to your family and friends including straight allies. The more people know about NCLR's groundbreaking work, the more we will be able to help achieve equality for all LGBT individuals and families. Especially helpful is sharing why NCLR is important to you. If your family, friends, and loved ones understand why NCLR is important to you, it will be easy for them to see why NCLR is important to them, too.

    Letting people know about NCLR helps in many different ways:

    • You increase education and awareness of issues around LGBT equality that they may not have considered before. When
      important issues come up for vote on the ballot, in the
      legislature, and even in the courts, public opinion can
      greatly sway an outcome
    • You increase the visibility of NCLR, which enables us to receive more funding from foundations and corporations, as well as attract higher profile cases, which allow for greater impact in the courts and in our lives
    • You let them know about a resource that they can turn to should they - or anyone else they know - be in need of expert legal assistance. NCLR has a toll-free legal help and information
      hotline that anyone can call to find out more about their legal
      rights and options. Our hotline number is 1-800-528-6257, and
      the hotline email is
    • You may even inspire them to donate to NCLR if they are able

    One easy way to spread word quickly and virally is to click Send to a friend on the pages of our website that are of interest, especially those that describe our life-changing work.

  2. Distribute NCLR publications and newsletters to friends and family, or help make them available in public venues like libraries, community centers, or other locations. Contact us at to have us send you some.

  3. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive legal updates on breaking news that affects your life and those you love, as well as news about events in your area. As you may know, email is the most cost-effective way for us to keep you informed on how we're fighting for your civil and human rights with your support.

  4. Attend an NCLR event in your state and bring a friend or two! We are always traveling throughout the country, sometimes hosting house parties, sometimes our attorneys are giving workshops or speaking on panels at conferences.

  5. Have gifts made in your honor to NCLR. For your next birthday or anniversary, or for marriages, commitment ceremonies, or the holidays, ask that in lieu of presents, gift-givers make donations to NCLR in your honor.

  6. Include NCLR in your estate or financial planning. Estate gifts - including wills, trusts, retirement plans, and insurance policies - are an easy and wonderful way to ensure that NCLR's fight for LGBT civil rights can be carried on into the future, long after you're gone. It's a way to make your mark, to ensure the legacy you leave is a legacy of justice.

  7. Register with eScrip and have up to 8% of your purchase amounts at participating merchants go to NCLR. It’s a simple way for you to support NCLR at no cost to you. All you have to do is register your credit/debit cards and ATM cards with eScrip's simple, safe, and secure system.
    NCLR’s Group Name: "National Center for Lesbian Rights" or "NCLR"
    NCLR’s Group ID #: 500022336


do you know another simple way to support NCLR?

if you have additional questions, please contact:

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