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Wedding Gifts to NCLR

Give a wedding gift that lasts: justice.

Whether you’re getting married or you’re a friend or family of a couple who’s about to tie the knot, NCLR has a great idea for a wedding gift—a gift to NCLR in the name of a married couple.

It’s easy and simple to do, and your gift will have a lasting impact—it will help NCLR continue to do all of the much-needed life-and law-changing work yet ahead of us.

If you are getting married…

If you are getting married, you can direct your guests and friends to make gifts in your name to NCLR in lieu of, or in addition to, giving gifts to you.

  • Register your marriage with us by emailing Please include both spouses’ full names, full mailing address, and wedding date.

  • Simply direct your guests to

  • Your guests will be able to send you an eCard to notify you of their gift if they provide your email address, or they will receive a notecard in the mail that they can send or present to you to announce their gift in your honor.

  • Here is some sample language you can use on your invitation or announcement. You can download and print insert cards directing gifts to NCLR or feel free to edit and personalize the language below:

    “[In lieu of] or [In addition to] gifts to us, please make donations to the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), who won us the right to marry in California in 2008, and then led the legal challenge to repeal Prop 8. While we are still waiting for our right to marry to be restored in California, they continue to fight for all LGBT people in this country. You can give
    a gift in our name at

  • At any time, you can contact NCLR at and request a gift report to help keep track of your thank you list!

If someone you know is getting married…

Nothing says I love you like the gift of civil and human rights, right?

  • If you would like to honor your friends’ or family’s marriage, a gift to NCLR in the couple’s name is always in style.
  • Give a Wedding Gift Button

  • Give us the names for the happy couple and we will send you a notecard that you can send to them announcing that you made a gift to NCLR in their honor. Or you can elect to send them an eCard if you make your gift online.

if you have additional questions, or would like to discuss your gift with us, please call:

Dena Zaldúa-Hilkene
Assistant Director of Development


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