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Financial Picture

Despite steadily mounting attacks from the right, NCLR has grown in leaps and bounds in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for our legal work. We will do whatever it takes to protect our lives, and those of future generations.

Only one-tenth of 1% of all foundation dollars go to LGBT causes and organizations. So, unlike most non-profit organizations, NCLR is not able to depend upon foundation support to make up the bulk of our budget. In contrast, grants from foundations are the backbone of many right-wing conservative organizations.  

Why NCLR? Why now?


The achievements of the National Center for Lesbian Rights today were unimaginable at our founding in 1977. Now, thirty years later, we have built a legacy of legal and policy successes that directly touch the lives of every lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender person in our diverse and dynamic community. We are positioned to become an even more visible and vital leader in the critical years ahead.

Give Now
We are keenly aware that this moment in history is precarious. On the one hand, LGBT people are on the cusp of full integration into existing legal and social structures for the first time in history. At the same time, the rising power of the right-wing threatens to dismantle these legal gains.

Our 30-year track record as leaders in the forefront of family, marriage, transgender, elder, immigration, sports, and youth law provides us with the experience to effectively respond in this critical moment. We cannot afford to stand still or slow down. There is no alternative. NCLR must grow because LGBT lives depend on it.

Give More Than Ever
The road ahead will bring even greater challenges. We must have the depth and resources to respond quickly and strategically — to be both proactive and defensive — which demands a level of investment greater than ever before. No one is going to win these battles for us. And we cannot wait.

More than ever, you need us and we need you.

The Impact of Your Gift to NCLR


NCLR’s legal programs and services are always free to everyone. But the legal system is costly.

Here are some examples of what your major gift will make possible.

$150,000 will help to win protection for non-biological parents in Texas. This amount would cover half of the costs of one precedent-setting impact court case.

$100,000 will enable NCLR to train legal aid attorneys in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wisconsin who are unfamiliar with LGBT law and its nuances.

$50,000 will cover the cost of creating and distributing a free DVD and resource CD about LGBT foster youth to service providers, legal advocates, and youth across the country.

$25,000 will cover the cost of one week of mediating an anti-discrimination case on behalf of a same-sex couple wishing to live together, as a couple, in a mainstream retirement community.

$15,000 will cover the cost of one expert psychologist testifying on behalf of a recently out lesbian community college coach in court for one week.

$10,000 will send NCLR attorneys to Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, and Florida to give free legal workshops to members of the LGBT community in those states.

$5,000 will cover the cost of providing attorney assistance for twenty callers on our free legal helpline.

$2,500 will cover the cost of distributing Lifelines, NCLR’s publication on legally protecting your relationship, free of cost to 1,000 people across the country.

$1,500 will send an NCLR attorney to a national conference on immigration to speak to other lawyers about how they can better protect and advocate for the LGBT immigrant community.


if you have additional questions, or would like to discuss your gift with us, please call:

Dena Zaldúa-Hilkene
Assistant Director of Development


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