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In re Y.G.

Y.G. is a transgender woman from Mexico who suffered severe physical and mental abuse from her family because of her gender identity. Growing up, her family insisted that she act more “masculine,” and she was physically abused when she refused. She went to the police, but they ignored her need for protection. In February 2007, Y.G. was badly beaten by gang members who left her bleeding from head wounds. Fearing for her life, she fled to the United States. In February 2009, she was detained by the police and detained in the Yuba County Jail. As a transgender woman, she was housed with male prisoners. It was a very demoralizing situation for her and she often struggled with her decision to remain and fight for her asylum instead of returning to Mexico where she would be in danger. Y.G.'s cousin contacted NCLR and in February, 2009, NCLR with the help of attorney of counsel Cara Jobson, successfully obtained asylum for Y.G. in July 2009.


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