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With a broad vision covering almost a dozen diverse issue areas, NCLR has expanded its life-and law-changing work in order to advance the legal landscape for every LGBT person. No stone will go unturned in pursuit of our goal of achieving full and equal civil and human rights for all. Our programs focus on elder law, employment, families and parenting, healthcare, immigration, marriage, relationship recognition, sports, transgender law, youth, and other civil rights in order to create safer homes, safer jobs, and a more just world.

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Elder Law
End of life issues, senior and assisted-living facilities, estate and financial planning, healthcare, surviving partner benefits, partnership protection read more

Employment benefits, employment discrimination, housing and public accommodations discriminationread more

Families and Parenting
Adoption and foster parenting, alternative insemination and assisted reproduction, child custody and visitation, partnership protectionread more

Federal Legislation
NCLR is committed to ending discrimination for all LGBT individuals, which is why we have long supported federal legislation designed to end both state-sanctioned discrimination as well as discrimination by private entities and individualsread more

Living wills, medical power of attorney, senior and assisted-living facilities, sex reassignment surgeries, family planning, access to healthcare, fertility treatment, a woman’s right to choose, HIV status read more

Bi-national couples, persecution on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status read more

Marriage discrimination read more

Additional Civil Rights
First amendment, domestic violence, hate crimes, law enforcement, prison issues read more

Relationship Recognition
Civil unions, domestic partnerships, other relationship protections, dissolution read more

Homophobia and gender identity discrimination in sports, hiring and firing, recruiting, advising and assisting athletes, coaches, teams, schools, and associations read more

Transgender Law
Family law, youth, discrimination, healthcare, prison issues read more

Juvenile justice and foster care, school harassment and discrimination, access to healthcare read more

Full case docket
View a complete list of our cases. read more


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