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State Laws That Prohibit Discrimination Against Transgender People
A state-by-state look at non-discrimination laws that explicitly protect transgender people.
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Federal Gender Non-Conformity Cases
Federal cases recognizing that discrimination on the basis of gender non-conformity and/or transgender status is a form of discrimination on the basis of sex
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Transgender Rights
The first comprehensive book on the transgender civil rights movement, by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang, and Shannon Price Minter, Editors
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Advancements in State and Federal Law Regarding Transgender Employees
A compliance guide for employers and employment law attorneys
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California Transgender Family Law
A fact sheet for transgender spouses, partners, parents, and youth
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State Cases
State cases recognizing protection for transgender people under state sex and disability discrimination provisions
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Transgender Persons and Marriage: The Importance of Legal Planning
This article summarizes the legal issues surrounding marriage for transgender people and suggests some ways that transgender persons can protect their marital relationships
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Legal and Public Policy Issues for Transgender Elders
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Rights of Transgender Prisoners
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Florida Transgender Name Change Kit
A guide for transgender individuals seeking to amend their identity documents to conform to their new legal name and gender designation
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Transgender Equality : A Handbook for Activists and Policymakers
This handbook provides activists and policymakers with the tools they need to pass transgender-inclusive non-discrimination and anti-violence legislation. Written by three of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement's brightest transgender scholar-activists, Transgender Equality is an invaluable resource guide, providing an introduction to transgender issues, model language for legislation, talking points, responses to frequently asked questions, and a comprehensive resource listing and bibliography
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California SB 1441 Fact Sheet
Effective January 1, 2007, California's state law, SB 1441, added sexual orientation and gender identity to the already established law that prohibits state-funded programs and/or activities from discriminating against participants.
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Listening to Gender Variant Children: A Humanistic Strategy for Advocates
Speech given March 11, 2002 at Hunter College School of Social Work in New York, NY by Shannon Minter, Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights
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Beyond the Binary: Making Schools Safe for Transgender Youth
NCLR, the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, and the Transgender Law Center created this comprehensive tool kit designed to help students, school staff, and other community activists who want to address harassment and discrimination against transgender and other gender non-conforming students
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Trans Realities
A report on the legal needs of transgender people in California by NCLR and the Transgender Law Center
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Legal Translations: Police Harassment in San Francisco
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